Sugaring Source is an advocate of the Advanced Hand Method, never using sticks, strips or spatulas. In this article, we will describe the few methods that are now circulating and why.

Sugaring Sugaring Sugaring!! It is all the craze now right? Well, let’s talk about that.

The different methods in circulation:
Hand method sugaring: Practitioner uses their actual hand, molding NOT wiping the sugar paste.
Strip method sugaring: Practitioner squeezes sugar from a bottle, or treats honey-like consistency of sugar like wax; they use a tongue depressor and spread the sugar wax on your skin in the same direction of growth and remove with a strip, like wax.
Spatula method sugaring: Practitioners push the ball of sugar with a big spatula and remove with the spatula.

Where did sugaring come from?
Sugaring is actually an Egyptian method of hair removal dating back over two thousand years. A little over a decade ago Canada became the hub for sugaring hair removal. If you are from Canada, living in the states, you are probably frustrated in your attempts to find quality sugaring professionals actually doing the hand method. Alexandria Professionals, Sugar of the Nile and Simply Sugar were a few companies educating and supplying sugar. These companies were advocating and training the Advanced Hand Method. With this method, practitioners use their actual hand. They mold, not wipe or spread, the sugar paste opposite direction of hair growth. This allows the sugar to lift the hair, melt and mold around each hair follicle. After two to three molds, with a flick of the wrist the hair is removed in the natural direction of growth.

The Unites States Sugaring Movement
Due to the demand of local education and more affordable means of acquiring sugar paste without exorbitant shipping costs…a few companies emerged in the states. When we say a few, we mean 4. These companies are Sugar Streak, San Antonio; Sweet Professionals, California; Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring, Washington; ISugarUniversity, California (training only, brand neutral). All of these companies practice and teach the Advanced Hand Method. They (excluding ISugarUnversity) all manufacture and distribute professional, all natural sugaring paste to accompany their education.

Sugar waxing (Strip Sugaring)
Client testaments are being heard about how practitioners used a strip and the paste was not a ball resembling taffy but more like honey wax. Salons are advertising that they do sugaring but when the client comes in, the technician begins to wax them instead. This really does happen more than you think. Some salons use sugar, yet it is the consistency of honey wax. The reason for this is timing. Old school Estheticians are accustomed to putting wax on and getting it off quickly. The more clients in, the more money they make. The hand method takes time and patience to get the technique down. These establishments wish to cash in on the sugaring market without truly investing the time in learning the advanced method. The client gets the benefit of an all natural substance but not the true benefits of sugaring because the hair is being removed in the opposite direction of growth. This technique, like traditional waxing, breaks most hair. This prevents refinement. We are now finding sugaring franchises popping up that solely do strip sugaring. The main issue is that this may be the very first impression of sugaring a client receives. True advanced sugaring will feel much different and much less painful than strip sugaring. Furthermore, with franchises, clients are rushed in and out. It is a “quantity over quality” run module.

“Aussie” style sugaring (Spatula sugaring)
This method involves the practitioner using a spatula to mold the sugar paste ball into the follicles and removing it with the spatula. It may look effortless on a leg or back, we do not know how they do this for intimate areas.

As objective as we try to be, this is just a silly method to us. The educators and promoters of this method say the hand method is too intrusive. We believe they created this method for practitioners who do not like getting their hands sticky. If an Esthetician is squeamish about hair removal and has issues “getting in there”, they probably should not attempt to specialize in hair removal. Of course this is an opinion. The fact is, if you are not using your hand, how much pressure do you know to give? The removal seems to not be parallel to the skin, which can hurt the client.

Why the reinvention of the wheel?
Money. Branding. Again, this is our opinion. However, true sugaring, the Advanced Hand Method is a niche. It requires a certification, time and patience. Those that promote strip and spatula sugaring are selling their paste without a certification and teaching via YouTube. With a number of recipes online and DIY sugaring videos it is now a challenge for the consumer to know who to trust. We will be writing a new article shortly on what to look for and what questions you should ask before scheduling a sugaring appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 2s**********@gm***.com. Alternatively, you can check us out on Facebook, ask your question there as well.

One thing is for certain, you have found the RIGHT place to find a true sugaring professional. When you visit the professional you found on this site, please be sure to let them know. Thank you for trusting us as your true Sugaring Source!