Sugar Warmers ~ Do I Really Need One?

Yes. If you are a professional body sugarist, you need a low temperature sugar paste warmer.

Q. Can I just use a microwave to warm my sugaring paste?

A. No, but sometimes yes. Here is why.

Heating up and cooling down sugar paste changes the molecular structure of paste making it begin to crystalize (similar to honey). This is why it is not recommended to use a microwave, though it is an option in the very beginning if you are learning.

Q. Can I just use my wax warmer on low?

A. No. But you can always try. I advise to try it with a small amount of sugar or keep your eye on it. You would not want to cook an entire tub of paste.

Traditional wax warmers become much too hot and will cook your paste. Wax warmers tend to rise to the temperature setting, sometimes becoming hotter than desired, then they shut off until it drops below a lower setting. This is similar to a house thermostat. Sugar paste warmers are set at a consistent temperature and never fluctuates. This allows the professional to leave their sugar warmer on 24/7 without cutting it off.

Q. Do I turn my warmer off?

A. No, unless you are going to be gone or not sugaring for awhile. Warm your sugar paste for several hours prior to sugaring for the best service.

Once you are a busy sugarist, you will want to leave your sugar warmer on and it is safe to do so. Another option is to get a timer, but still, the heating up and cooling down will change your paste over time. If you live in cooler climates, you will find many sugar pastes are too firm to grab out of a tub without the warmer. *Remember: the low temperature sugar warmers simply warm the sugar just enough to make it pliable. Therefore, if you cut your sugar warmer off at the end of the day, your sugar paste will not be pliable at the start of a new day. Sugar paste will take a bit longer than wax to warm throughout the entire tub. If you are a busy sugarist, it is recommended to simply leave your sugar warmers on. Exception: Turning them off if you will be gone for longer than a week, such as a vacation.

Q. What is the BEST low temperature sugar paste warmer?

A. There are only 2 sugar paste warmers in distribution in the US. They are single tub. Double sugar paste warmers are not being manufactured at the moment.

Q. Who has the best deal on sugar paste warmers?

A. Most of the sugaring warmers that are distributed all cost the same, approximately $150. Sometimes you will find discount codes offered by the sugar paste manufacturers for % off or free shipping. Sugar paste manufacturers do not make much profit on the warmers. Their revenue comes from the sugaring paste and kits. Remember, time is money. My advice is to not spend a lot of time searching for the best deal. Sometimes a low price may mean higher shipping costs. Keep the shipping costs, shipping time, and customer service in mind prior to purchasing. Here is the link, directing to you every distributor of sugar paste warmers.

Most of the manufacturers on this list sell the low temperature sugar paste warmers. The one on the right can be found at Artistic Pro Sugaring.