Sugaring Paste Manufacturers and Distributors

The following is a comprehensive list of most sugaring paste manufacturers in the United States and Canada. More manufacturers will be added over time. This list is comprised of the companies that have high standards in production. The sugar pastes are manufactured in licensed facilities where the standards of health and safety can be fulfilled. We do not list nor promote those who prepare homemade sugaring pastes in their personal kitchens.

Manufacturers and/or DistributorsSugaring paste manufacturers

Sugar Smac
Winnipeg, Canada

Artistic Pro Sugaring

Ke Kō Sugaring
Southern California

Sugar Streak

Tapira Sugaring
South Carolina

Lauren’s Sugar and Spice
Montreal, Canada

Sweet & True Sugaring
Northern California

Alexander’s Aesthetics II
Colorado & California

Salon Sugar
Rhode Island

Sugar of the Nile

Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring
South Korea & Japan

London Sugaring Company
UK & Ireland

Savvy Sugaring

Alexandria Sugaring

If you are a sugaring paste manufacturer or distributor and would like to featured on this list, please email