Sugaring Educators Worldwide

This is a list of Sugaring Educators across the globe. Obviously it is still growing. Educators will be added over time.

If you are in an area with little to no education available, feel free to email su************@gm***.com and we will assist you in finding an educator for sugaring classes.

** If you are a sugaring educator with an upcoming class you would like to post, please email all the details to su************@gm***.com **

Sugaring Educators

Jamie Renee Asare ~ Founder and Educator, Sugaring Source
Home based Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Coast to Coast Education

Heather Wilson ~ Sugar Streak, Keller, Texas

Dalia Wagley ~ Get Sugar Certified, Irving, Texas

Erica Rowe ~ Artistic Pro Sugaring, Chandler, Arizona

Rasheedah Loharsingh ~ Caribbean Candy, Worldwide

Jarratt Haviland ~ Ke Ko, Baton Rouge, Louisianna

Sarah Herbst ~ Million Dollar Sugarist

Kyle Alexander ~ Tamara’s, Portland, Oregon

Amber Franklin ~ Sugar of the Nile, Washington

Courtney Leddy ~ Sugar Goddess, Minnesota

Montie Green ~ Sweet and True, Hampton, Virginia

Shea Moyer ~ Sweet and True, Boise, Idaho

Brooke Gillis ~ Tamara’s, Santa Rosa, California

Libby Post ~ Tamara’s, Huntington Beach, California

Jessica Mock ~ Tamara’s, Savannah, Georgia

Felicity Johnson ~ Tapira’s, Birmingham, Alabama

Mabel Machabvunga Butler ~ Tapira’s, Columbia, South Carolina

Myra Aviles ~ Sweet and True, San Diego, California

Raunette Celeste ~ Sweet and True, San Clemente, CA

Alyzza Villarreal ~ Sweet and True, San Diego, CA

Mena Sorahn ~ Beauty and Sugaring, Deerfield Beach, FL

Louise Jackson ~ SAA Academy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Laura Tigert ~ Sweet and True, Portland, OR & Las Vegas, NV

Shannon Gray and Jaime-Lee Wintjes ~ Alexandria Pro, Ontario, Canada

Melissa York ~ Sugar of the Nile, Oak Harbor, Washington


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