Where to Purchase the Best Sugar Paste Warmers

Sugaring paste warmers continue to be a hot topic. What is the best sugar paste warmer? There are not as many options for sugaring paste warmers as there are waxing warmers. Sugaring paste warmers are super special. They are low temperature and heat all around the encasing. Wax heaters warm from the bottom up.

Miratech is the lead distributor of sugaring paste warmers. Artistic Pro is a distributor for a sugaring paste warmer as well. DEO has a double sugaring paste warmer and is distributed by Caribbean Candy. Most sugaring paste warmers are all around the same cost, $150.00 USD. Every sugaring paste manufacturer who sells the warmer usually sells it as the same cost. It isn’t very competitive. Sugaring paste manufacturers do not make their revenue off of sugaring paste warmers as they do the sugaring paste they produce and distribute.

For all of the questions and answers on why you really need a sugaring paste warmer, please read this article here.

Where do I purchase a sugar paste warmer?

Now, where do I purchase a sugaring paste warmer? Here are the manufacturers and distributors links for the warmers. Keep in mind, you may need to register and show proof of sugaring certification prior to being able to purchase. *Note 2: If you reside in the states and you purchase products from Canada, you may find the cost of the warmer is a bit less. However, you also need to factor in shipping. Compare apples to oranges, make sure you incorporate the shipping charges. If you have any questions for me, look me up on IG and send me a DM. Sugaring Source Insta

Your Body’s ReTreat – Miratech and Artistic Pro Call or Text 817-680-1462 for AP Sugar Paste Warmer. $8 Flat shipping

Tapira’s – Miratech Sugaring Warmer

Sugar Streak ~ Miratech Sugaring Warmer

Tamara’s – Miratech Warmer and Mella Pot Sugar Paste Warmer

KeKo ~ The Mella Pot, Sugar Paste Warmer

Caribbean Candy ~ DEO Double Sugar Pot Paste Warmer

Artistic Pro ~ AP Sugar Paste Warmer

Sweet & True ~ Miratech Sugar Paste Warmer

Sugar Goddess ~ Miratech Sugar Paste Warmer

Alexander Aesthetics II ~ Miratech Sugar Paste Warmer

Sugar of the Nile ~ Miratech Sugar Paste Warmer

Alexandria ~ Sugaring Paste warmer

Sugar Smac ~ Miratech Sugar Paste warmer

Lauren’s Sugar & Spice ~ Miratech Sugar Paste Warmer

The Mella Pot ~ Mella Pot Warmers **This warmer is not compatible with ALL sugaring paste tubs**