Lately we’ve been asked why this is relevant. Why do we ask who you were certified from and what brands of sugar paste are you currently using?

First, Sugaring Source is a tool and resource for professionals, as well as a reliable source for consumers. How many times have you encountered a client that said “I’m just traveling through, I actually live in Los Angeles (or fill in the blank with whichever city); Do you know anyone who sugars there? I really don’t want to go back to wax!” Or have you had a regular client who tells you, “I’m moving to Baltimore, can you recommend anyone?” You then head off to the networking groups asking folks “Who sugars in Denver?” Who sugars in New York?” You are doing leg work that we hope to do for you. If you are doing advanced sugaring (hand method), we want to make sure you are sending your client to someone who does also, not strip sugaring.

Nowadays, there are folks who either simply don’t wish to invest in a certification OR they don’t have access to hands on education near where they live. They watch videos or have “a friend that sugars” teach them, buy some sugar off of amazon or whip it up in their kitchens.

As sugaring professionals who did invest in a certification, uses a quality paste and provide a quality service to their clients, they want to ensure their clients wind up in qualified hands.

Sugaring Source is brand neutral, however some clients may prefer a professional who uses a specific brand. That is why we ask. Secondly, Sugaring Source will continue to support and advocate manufacturers who do require a certification. When clients are able to purchase sugar paste from Amazon to “try” out on their own at home, it undermines our profession and negates our investments in continuing education to be the best at what we do. There is a myriad of reasons why cooking our sugar paste in our home kitchen isn’t professional. Sugaring Source has a standard of excellence, therefore we cannot promote those who use “DIY sugar paste”. Sugaring Source will remain brand neutral to all professional sugar paste manufacturers who sell to professionals only and require a sugaring certification. This is beneficial for all.

Sugaring Source aspires to be a quality referral networking system. We don’t want it to be a hit or miss, yet a hit every time.

We appreciate your transparency and honesty when answering the questions for your listing.

Let us know if you agree or disagree