Six Pubic Hairs of Separation!

If you are a sugaring professional that is not networking with other sugarists, you may be missing a mark. Here is the scenario that happens almost daily in Facebook groups. Sugarists will go into these groups and ask “Who is sugaring in ___________ (fill in the city and state)? I have a client moving there (or who lives there) and I want to give them a personal referral.” How many times have clients presented this question to you? Scenario #2: A client on your treatment table says “I’ve been raving about sugaring to my cousin/bff/sister-in-law, she lives in Boston and she said she cannot find anyone sugaring there, do you happen to know someone?” Sugaring Source has a solution for that!

Now, if you are a sugaring professional who has a Brazilian reviews on Yelp, you have a kick ass online presence, or maybe you pay a professional to handle your social media…then wonderful! You might not see the value of what Sugaring Source is bringing to the table. Right now, Sugaring Source is a NETWORK of Sugaring Sisters (and Misters), coming together to hopefully give word of mouth referrals to each other from around the globe. Recently, in a nutshell, a sugarist told me that she is easily found on Google. Okay, but if I have a client who asks me “I have to move to Denver for three months, do you know someone who sugars there?” and I respond with “Just Google it!”… how impersonal is that?! So it begs the question,

“Do you WANT word of mouth business?” and,  Do you think it should only come from the clients who have been sugared by you? Who wants ONLY Google business?

I am in Texas. Off the top of my head, I have had two clients tell me they were sugared by someone in Washington and Michigan, both of whom I knew personally. Linda Jordin and Jamie Rau. I think that is pretty cool! I call it “Six Pubic Hairs of Separation”. Honestly, that comes from a different story…one I will tell at a later time.

Many of us do not have the time to be on more than one social media platform. For many of us, Instagram is the chosen platform. However, Facebook has the groups, which is much easier for networking and getting your questions answered. I am a firm believer that you don’t need to know a million people, you just need to know the right ONE. I may not be in all of these groups 24/7 but a handful of the right people will tag me in posts about locating sugarists in different areas from around the country (Japan, Germany, UK as well). If I have not connected with a sugarist in an area, I will do the leg work to try and find someone. Once I do, my hopes are that I can add them to the directory for a quick reference the next time I am asked.

I do not charge for this…not at the moment. I am not compensated nor incentivized for discussing and promoting different manufacturers or sugaring educators. I wholeheartedly believe there is room for us all.

I have a passion for connecting clients to the most professional sugarists out there. They are my clients and your clients. Before I list someone on the directory, I want to make sure they are:

  1. Licensed
  2. Properly Trained (not YouTube certified)
  3. Wear gloves on BOTH hands (it must not be a law or rule in some countries)
  4. Are using a professionally manufactured sugaring paste (not cooking it in their kitchen)

I believe there are many more sugaring professionals out there, they just haven’t mastered their marketing yet. Some do not have websites, those that do, do not have fantastic SEO. Some of us are old school and don’t want to fiddle with Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube…. I mean, have any of your hairs gone grey just reading that list? They added “Reels” to Instagram last Friday and I wanted to pull my hair out! LOL The fact is, if we do not at least hone ONE social media platform, the younger generations will be swooping up all of the new business.

I told you that Sugaring Source has a solution. All you have to do is reach out to me. DM me on IG, PM me on Facebook, or send me a traditonal email su************@gm***.com
Once we have made an introduction, I can help spread the word of your sugaring business to those who are looking for a personal referral. If you are listed, I post and pin your business info on Pinterest, share your content on IG and FB and Twitter. All for the LOVE of both Sugaring + Networking. Let’s get personal ♥

Jamie Renee
Founder, Sugaring Source
Sugarista @YBReTreat

Here are the Facebook groups about Sugaring that I mentioned

My group! You must hold a Sugaring Certification in order to have access, which can be emailed to su************@gm***.com:
Sugaring Source Professional Sugarist Networking

The Million Dollar Sugarist ~ by Sarah Herbst, affectionately known as “The Sugar Queen”

Sugaring Professionals Q & A

Sugaring Tips+Tricks International ~ Veronica Dixon, Admin

Sugaring Specialists ~ Shannon O’Brien & Radeq Lab

Sugaring & Waxing Professionals Worldwide ~ Myra Aviles, Admin



Esthetician Groups where some questions about sugaring come up:

The Secrets of Estheticians

Esthetics Collective

The Solo Esthetician

There are numerous other that are individual by state. Each State typically has their own Esthetician networking group. (Texas has Texas Aesthetician Circle). This is typically where people are trying to locate a sugarist within their state. It happens all.the.time.