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Sugaring Source’s “Standard of Excellence”

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Sugaring Source Standard of Excellence
By submitting a listing for sugaring hair removal, you must be able to agree and abide by our “Standard of Excellence”. As a registrant, please keep in mind that this is YOUR referral network for YOUR clients. When the occasion presents itself, you will want to feel confident your client is being referred to a capable and professional sugaring establishment.


1. Registrants must hold a current license as a Licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician in which hair removal is in the scope of practice.

2. Registrants must have been formally trained and certified in sugaring hair removal by a reputable educator and or sugaring manufacturing company in which the certificate is honored by most other manufacturers to purchase sugar paste and supplies. **Exception to this requirement (for those who have been providing sugaring for a minimum of twelve months or operated in a country other than the US previously) may upload video demonstrating proficiency. The registrant shall still abide by all other standards of excellence, including the use of a manufactured sugar paste.

3. Registrants agree that they have the proficiency in sugaring hair removal using the hand method. Sugaring Source promotes sugaring by hand. If you are a sugarist who prefers sugaring with a strip or spatula, this may incite a less than positive review from a consumer who was referred to you.

4. Registrants agree to use a professionally manufactured sugar paste and supplies. Registrants agree to not use a home cooked sugar paste. Registrants are allowed to use their own manufactured paste, so long as documentation can be provided on the facility, including insurance.

5. Registrants agree to abide by their state’s health and sanitation guidelines, including wearing gloves, even if your state does not require the use of gloves.

6. Registrants are expected to render all services in a professional manner, to provide quality client service. Registrants that begin to fall under a three star rating will be reviewed for reasons why.

7. Registrants found to cross ethical boundaries with clients, including but not limited to, any sexual gratification or solicitation of such is in violation with our “Standard of Excellence” and will have their account terminated immediately.

Sugaring Educators

8. In addition to the above requirements, you agree that you are certifying and representing a reputable manufacturing company and/or your certification is accepted my most sugaring manufacturing companies.

Sugaring Manufacturers

9. In addition to a fore mentioned requirements, you agree that you sell your sugar paste and accompanying supplies to licensed professionals who have also been trained in sugaring hair removal. We respect your right to sell to whomever you wish, however any selling, including internet sales to the general consumer is not adhering to Sugaring Source’s Standard of Excellence. We believe this undermines the investments our professionally trained sugarists have put forth to be the best at what they do.

Registration, listing and being promoted by Sugaring Source is a privilege for those who have committed and invested into their craft and expertise in sugaring hair removal.