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We are happy to connect with you here. We welcome all questions, and are ready to share our experiences with each other. I hope you will find great value in this group.

Sugaring Source Networking Group Facebook is like a little black book or rolodex of certified sugarists ONLY. The group serves us by having the ability to ask for referrals/references for qualified, certified, and experienced Sugarists. As the admin, I want to prevent having thousands of members who become uninterested in sugaring, networking, and eventually become inactive. To maintain the value and integrity of the group, you must be certified in sugaring to become a member.

There are a few excellent Facebook groups that focus on the fundamentals of sugaring. Here is the page of Sugaring Groups I encourage you to join.

If you would like to connect with me personally, you find me here: PM/DM on Facebook or Instagram.

This is a constant work in progress:

Sugaring Pros by STATE

Sugaring Manufacturers

Sugaring Educators

Q. How do I get listed on the Sugaring Source directory?

A. Please SUBMIT A LISTING here. Please upload a headshot or photograph that shows your face centered in the frame. If you have any troubles, please email Jamie: su************@gm***.com

Sugaring Source Facebook Page ~ For ALL. Consumers and Sugaring pros to post information about sugaring and ask questions related to finding a sugaring pro.

Sugaring Source Professional Sugarist Networking Group ~ Is for Certified Sugaring professionals ONLY. Please email su************@gm***.com a copy of your certificate. Alternatively, you may private message Jamie Renee on FB a copy of your sugaring certificate.