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Contact Information
Business Name: Sugar Goddess
Phone: 320-310-7108
139 Division Street, Waite Park, MN, USA, Waite Park, Minnesota, USA 56387

Courtney provides full body sugaring in Waite Park, Minnesota for both men and women. Courtney is also an educator. She regularly holds sugaring classes for licensed beauty professionals in the state of Minnesota.

My name is Courtney Leddy and I' the proud owner and creator of Sugar Goddess.  I live in Minnesota.  I have been sugaring since 2005 and I am also an RN.  I started making my own sugar because I wanted something I thought was perfect.  As we all know, temperature outside and in the sugar room make a huge difference in what paste you choose.  We have 4 pastes.  We have hard (for super humid climates), medium (what I like to call the "training paste" or paste used down south where it is warmer), soft (what I use every day, for the more experienced sugarist), and smooth (for legs, it's softer than soft-my clients say it goes on like butter-it helps the leg treatment move swiftly).  I believe in helping us sugarists work easier, not harder.  We all need to use proper body mechanics while sugaring, as we all know-but the paste we use can make a world of difference.  I feel if we have the proper paste, our molding is easier on our hands.  That's why we (my husband and I) formulated our own paste.  It took us 3 years to perfect it.  And right now, it's the only paste I'll use.  Not just because it's mine, but because a little goes a LONG way, and my clients love the results.

Right now, I teach classes at beauty schools and salons.  My classes are accredited through the MN school of cosmetology board.
I am married and have 3 children, 2 dogs and a kitten.  I work in a Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit at a hospital and in a salon sugaring.  I love ice cream and cookies...but who doesn't?

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