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Contact Information
Business Name: Hello, Sugar
Phone: 912-850-2139
301C South Peterson Ave, Georgia, USA 31533

For Sugaring hair removal in or near Douglas, GA, look no further. Megan Stone is an Esthetician and sugaring expert. She provides full body sugaring for women and men, including Brazilian Sugaring. Here is a little more about Megan...

"You could say that beauty is in my blood. The year I was born, my aunt opened the first full-service salon in Douglas. From the time I could walk, I remember flipping over the trash cans, climbing up and trying to help shampoo hair. You could always find me in the make-up room, trying on a new shade of lipstick or in a corner somewhere giving my Barbie a new hairdo. I can’t tell you how many Barbies I went through trying to give them “Layers.”  My start in the beauty industry came when I was 18, I enrolled in Cosmetology school, graduated and started working as a Master Cosmetologist. I have always had a love for skin care and after nine years, I decided to go back to school and become an Esthetician. The best decision I ever made! Now, over six years later...I am a certified Sugarista, PMU artist and love my job more than ever!

Hello, Sugar was created out of necessity. Being from a small southern town in Georgia, there were not a lot of opportunities for Estheticians. Explaining what an Esthetician was and half of the time getting confused for an Anesthesiologist - it was hard. Then, telling friends and family that I am going to try to build a business sugaring hoo-has. WAIT. what?!

"Do people really do that?" "Isn't that awkward?"... Absolutely! and business is growing by leaps and bounds. See you soon!"

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If you are an Esthetician or Cosmetologist desiring to learn the art of body sugaring, Megan is a sugaring educator for Sweet and True, check out her educational opportunities here!

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