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Contact Information
Business Name: Touch Velvet Skin LLC
Phone: 520.678.0589
500 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA, Ste L-9, Arizona, USA 85635
Located INSIDE Haymore Plaza Bldg, on the Lower Level Open By Appointment. Call for appointment 520.678.0589

Touch Velvet Skin Spa offers advanced, all natural Sugaring Hair Removal treatment. Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian art-form of removing hair from every part of the body, except the scalp, and some beards. It has survived through the ages with very little modification.

Though it is sometimes mistakenly called sugar wax, It is a natural alternative to waxing as its formulation consist of only three ingredients - sugar, water, and lemon juice (citric acid). It is gentle on the skin, does not adhere to live skin cells, and is less traumatic to the follicles as the hair is extracted in the same direction of hair growth.

Touch Velvet Skin Spa specializes in the popular Brazillian waxing process, utilizing the Sugaring technique. So far, all of my  hair-removing clients have converted to Sugaring as they find the application process to be more comfortable than waxing, and non-irritating.

Graduated from National Laser Institute, Scottsdale, AZ, October 2015. Fully certified in: Basic and Advanced injectables; Microneedling, Laser Hair removal, Sclerotherapy, and more skin enhancing procedures.

Graduated from Imaj Skin Care Institute, Scottsdale, AZ, June 2016.

As a nurse, I cared for a lot of patients with a wide range of health issues, some of them very debilitating. I felt tremendous gratitude when I was able to provide care, words, a simple, meaningful touch, prayers and comforting presence to a patient in need.

Sometimes, though, I felt helpless, stressed and despondent as I watched some deteriorate  before my eyes. It is not a good feeling. I like when I can do something positive for others and see positive results, in the form of a smile, a handshake, a new confident look. I feel that I can find that form of satisfaction in the skin care field.

I have always wanted to be in this field as I enjoyed spa treatments myself, and I see and feel the effects that the skin care provider has on me. I pursued this dream even while I was in nursing school, but kept procastinating for various reasons. Then I took a break from nursing and really concentrated on pursuing my dreams. Here I am, licensed and well trained, and with a strong, genuine desire to make people comfortable, happy, and SMOOTH!  I provide gentle, but effective anti-aging skin care services, including Sugaring hair removal, a natural alternative to waxing. My style is very professional, but friendly, warm, and easy-going. I love to laugh, and I love being with people. All people. Welcome to my Spa!

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