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Contact Information
Business Name: Bare Body Sugaring
Phone: 204-891-2999
1128 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2G 1L1

Regardless if you're a sugar virgin or professional, super hairy, barely hairy, or shy, our staff doesn't judge. we are actually here to sugar. we've accomplished thousands of Brazilians, it's all our team does and what we love. You won't enter here with hairdryers flying around, pedicures and manicures happening all over the place, and the hair removal room is actually a dark corner in the back- Not here. sugaring is ALL we do. Unlike most other shops, this is specifically what we are actually trained in- nothing else. We have an experienced team of sugar-ologists, sugar experts, sugar mama's (you get it) of PRO's. With a bundled experience of over 15 years, we promise you'll love us.

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